Livid Jeans

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Livid Jeans is a small manufacturing company from Norway, created from a simple love & passion for superior quality and true craftsmanship. Dedicated to honor old traditions in making jeans, and inspired by a time when superior quality, supporting local trade and taking care of own garments mattered.

Since its establishment in 2010, Livid Jeans remains today the only apparel manufacturing company left in Norway, driven not from an economic point of view, but with a purpose. A purpose driven towards upholding old trade and conventional craft in a country where a once blooming textile industry is gone, and the fine craft with it. While continuously growing we strive to follow core values and to always create as unique and authentic products as we possibly can. And while doing so, sustain our responsibility against the competitive force of poor products being made unsustainably.

Livid Jeans’ product portfolio today consists of two different production lines. One collection handmade the old fashioned way locally right here in Trondheim, Norway. And one ready-to-wear collection line made in Barcelos, Portugal. Both lines offering superior quality garments with equal purpose.