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Studio Fintfolk was founded in 2012. This is a design studio that offers clothing design, fashion consultancy and expertice to personal and commercial clients. 

Marthe Næstby is a designer with professional knowledge about fashion, clothing and crafts. Her awareness for social, ethical and environmental issues and knowledge about critical design thinking methodology is essential for her work, as a designer and teacher. 

Her work focuses on critical issues such as freedom, identity, fashion conventions, rituals, consumption, materials and product. 

Quality and sustainability is a natural part of the designers consciousness, and she often search for existing resources in her immediate surroundings before buying new materials for her collections and conceptual design projects. 

Sustainability in this case, is not just about environmental and economical issues. The products also aim to be socially sustainable.

All the Fintfolk products are made in Norway. 

Fintfolk design is known for avant-garde style with references to traditional clothing. 

Fintfolk is a norwegian word that means nice people. Formerly the word was used to describe upper class people with fine manners and exclusive taste. Now a days the word is more frequently used as an expression for good people, regardless of social classes.