Elisabeth Stray Pedersen


Elisabeth Stray Pedersen is a Oslo- based designer. She studied Fashion Design with
Marketing at Central Saint Martins and graduated from Oslo National Academy
of the Arts in 2010 with a BA in Fashion Womenswear. After graduation
she started working as a design assistant and knitwear designer for esteemed fashion
designer Eva Emanuelsen and her brand Epilogue by Eva Emanuelsen.

By increasing the awareness around identity and style, and the associations
that follows, she wants to discuss how we use our visual inheritance. What makes
apparel a part of our identity – both visually and regarding the physical production
and origin. She wants to open thoughts around specific social phenomena.

She has recently participated in the norwegian initiative UPdesign, where 11
up- and- coming designers were handpicket to showcase their designs.
The “New Talents Showcase” was held at the Norwegian Centre for Design and
Architecture in Febuary 2013 during the Norwegian Fashion Hub conference.
She is currently finishing her MA degree in Fashion Design at Oslo National
Academy of Arts. Her final collection will be showcased in May 2014.

Apart from her dedication to fashion design, Elisabeth wants to explore how context
affects the perception of her design. Co- creation and open structures are important
to her process, and designing the process is important to her result. She constantly
strives to connect with other creatives and have a record of multidiciplinary